Customer Testimonials

queens Our home sits on almost an acre. So, the sewer line is over 100 feet from the alley. We were so worried that they were going to have to dig up our big backyard. But Midway was able to replace the entire line without digging a huge trench. This is the third plumbing job Midway Plumbing has done for us and if something else goes wrong that’s who we’ll call again.

The Durmonts, Abilene

durmonts First they used their camera to show us the tree roots in our line. Then they replaced the sewer line under my workshop/storage shed without having to move them. And Midway Plumbing did it around our schedule.

The Queens, Abilene

fitshugh I heard the water running one night just before bed. So, I went around to every faucet and made sure they were all off but I could still hear water running. That’s when I called Midway Plumbing. The next morning the crew showed up and used their Ultra Sonar gear to pinpoint the leak under the slab. To get to it they would have had to jackhammer up the fireplace and one or maybe both bathrooms. Midway told us about their new pipe lining process and the choice was clear. Heck, they are the only plumbers we use. I just wish that more folks would have it done before they have problems. An ounce of prevention you know…

The Nichols, Abilene

nichols We’ve exclusively used Midway Plumbing for over 10 years. So, when they discovered we had a leak under the slab in our waterline, I knew Midway would have the answer. David Ratliff explained their new pipe lining process and the decision was simple. My wife and I did not want to have someone jackhammer up the floor in our bedroom to get to the leak. Now all our pipes are like brand new so, no more worries.

Weldon Barbee, Abilene

queens We had a water line that was leaking. Midway Plumbing rebuilt the water line under the slab using their pipe relining system. They didn’t have to tear out concrete to get the line fixed which saved us a lot of extra time, money and hassle. Their crew was so nice they even mapped out the entire piping system of the pool for future reference. I would definitely use Midway again.

Jim Fitzhugh, Abilene