water-heater-225x300In an effort to increase energy efficiency, new National Appliance Energy Conservation Act Regulations have changed how water heaters are being manufactured. These changes, effective April 16, 2015, should be noted before purchasing a new replacement in Abilene. Under the guidelines, existing ones do not need to be replaced, but any purchased after then must conform to the guidelines.
The main differences the consumer will see with these new units are the size and the price. It is expected that the smallest available water heaters will be larger than they are now. This can cause problems for homeowners in very tight spaces. Check the dimensions on your appliance and compare with new models to ensure a new model will fit. If it won’t, you will need to make modifications to the space or find a new location for the next one you will purchase.
Alternately, make plans to replace your water heater now, giving you time to make plans for a different location in the future. In addition, new ones will likely be more expensive, though part of that cost will be mitigated by energy efficiency. You should pay less for your gas or electric bill with a newer model.
If you need your water heater repaired, this is definitely the time to do it. Talk to your Midway Plumbing professional about the new regulations and how they may impact your appliance. It is far less stressful to plan for replacing the appliance than waiting until an emergency forces you to do so. And although you may have been able to replace it yourself in the past, technological progress has made it so that employing a plumbing technician is the safest and most cost efficient way to avoid problems later.
Whether you’re planning to replace your current water heater or not, it’ still important to know all you can in case of an emergency. The basic stats include the height and width of the tank, its brand and model, height of the incoming connections, and the type of venting.
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