Road to Plumberhood

We all have our typical image of what plumbers look like. We may even have negative views of plumbers and only call on them when things in our homes are […]

Water Heater Changes

In an effort to increase energy efficiency, new National Appliance Energy Conservation Act Regulations have changed how water heaters are being manufactured. These changes, effective April 16, 2015, should be […]

Water Harvesting In Texas Drought

Drought conditions across the state of Texas have declined in the early parts of the 2014 summer with rains in West Texas through Dallas/Ft. Worth. In Abilene, area lakes and […]

Impact of Texas Rains on Texas Drought

As we’ve discussed the ongoing Texas drought 2014, we have been fortunate enough to experience some steady rains in May and June through the Abilene and Big Country area. Other […]

Plumbing Water Conservation in Texas

Texas is a dry place and in the last few years has grown drier in the Big Country. We have not seen as much rain in the last few years […]

A Plumbing Snake Is Not For Amateurs

The plumbing snake is not for amateurs. When the toilet plunger is ineffective in removing a clog or drain problem, the plumber uses an auger, also known as the plumbing […]

When Plumbing Drips Become Plumbing Problems

We know how to solve plumbing drips and plumbing problems. Do you? The basic components of plumbing faucets (kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor) consist of similar elements. All of these need […]

Characteristics of a Great Plumber

Problem solving is a characteristic that great plumbers excel at. Beyond determining where the cause of a leak or drip is, diagnosing the problem and the solution using plumbing logic […]

Water Heater Types Explained

Most people use an electric, oil, propane or gas water heater to heat their hot water. There are two main types of water heaters: Conventional and Tankless. Each type have […]

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