Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

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Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

There are many myths out there in the world. In baseball, the tie does not go to the runner. That’s a myth that’s commonly held by most people. Similarly, there are several common plumbing myths that need to be debunked to keep you from spending money unnecessarily on plumbing issues. Below are several of the common plumbing myths and the truth to help you make better plumbing choices.

1st Myth: If you put lemons in your garbage disposal, it will make your kitchen smell fresh and clean the disposal at the same time.

Truth: Lemons in the disposal might create a slightly different aroma around your sink, but it will not make your kitchen smell better. Actually, lemons can be damaging to your disposal because citric acid can corrode the metal components inside the disposal. It’s best not to put citric fruits (lemons and oranges both) into your disposal. A better choice is to use ice in your disposal to clean the components inside the unit.

2nd Myth: Run water while using the disposal to flush the waste more smoothly.

Truth: Running water while operating the disposal is not a means to make the waste travel more smoothly. On the contrary, many times you still end up having to turn the disposal off and reach into the unit to remove a piece of old food that has jammed or clogged the unit. Running water during operation can waste water (which is never good), and not solve the problem you’re trying to avoid. A better choice is to fill the sink basin with water up to half the area of the sink while running the disposal. This allows the waste and the water to both flow down the drain easily.

3rd Myth: Bathroom faucets and fixtures can be washed with soap and water to make them look clean.

Truth: Though soap and water work great on getting your hands clean (and your clothes), they are not best suited for use on bathroom fixtures and faucets. This is why specialty cleaners are made with bathroom and kitchen use labeled on the bottle. Soap and water causes faucets to corrode and peel, making the metal look damaged and causing problems with fixtures. A better choice is to use a cleaner specifically designed for use on fixtures and faucets (bathroom, kitchen etc) to both clean and protect the finish of each.

4th Myth: If the drain is flowing then everything is fine.

Truth: When food particles and pieces slip down the drain, clogs and blockage in the drain line can occur. This blockage can be disguised by water continuing to flow down the drain, leaving you to believe that all is well. This isn’t always the case. Some foods like rice and pasta have a tendency to bloat and increase in size when water is added (especially in pipes). This bloating can cause clogging in the pipes that eventually leads to backed up drain lines.

A good choice to alleviate this possibility is to properly use filters and screens on drain lines in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure you clean the screens regularly to keep excess particles from slipping down the drain.

5th Myth: All plumbers are the same. They all know what to do and how to fix problems.

Truth: This is possibly the greatest plumbing myth. Not all plumbers are created equal. Not all plumbers have equal experience, skills, abilities, and knowledge of plumbing, tools, solutions, and causes of problems. There are no other plumbers in Abilene and West Texas like Midway. We have built our reputation as the best in this business. Don’t risk calling an inferior plumbing service to solve your problems in a timely and cost efficient manner. Give us a call and get your issue dealt with now.

These are the top 5 common Plumbing Myths Debunked. See our FAQ for more common questions.

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