Texas Drought & Water Conservation

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July 2, 2018
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Texas Drought & Water Conservation


For the better part of our history in modern America, or at least since the advent of running water, we’ve taken water for granted. If you don’t remember a time when water wasn’t easily and readily available in any location, you are probably guilty of taking water for granted. The ongoing drought across our state has raised alarms for many residents, wondering how we can increase measures in saving water and therefore helping Texas. Nonprofits and other organizations are now working together with the state government to increase awareness of water conservation and promote educational opportunities for conserving water resources in state.


The Texas drought across regions of Texas stems back to the late 1990s, and has plagued various segments of the state since. Abilene and the Big Country experienced what was referred to as the “Seven Year Drought” through 2000 to 2007. Rainfall totals during this period were significantly lower than expected or historically registered. Since 2007, rainfall totals annually across Texas have been in decline, as well as in the Abilene area (with the exception of periods of heavy rain from tropical storms in the gulf). Since 2011, drought has continued to plague our state.


Lakes are a fundamental resource for most cities for water use. Lakes in West Texas have seen capacity totals dwindle into dangerous territories over the past few years, with little hope in sight. The website http://www.waterdatafortexas.org/ has water levels for cities and towns across the state, all in decline. The Texas drought monitor indicates that over 80% of Texas is abnormally dry. For Abilene and West Texas, water supply reservoirs are below 20% capacity. We’re past a point of “needing” to conserve water. Now it is a necessity. Being aware of the issues in water conservation is important and how we conserve water. We all need to do what we can.

It doesn’t take rocket science or a Ph D in physics to change our behavior concerning water use in your home. From taking shorter showers to not running the water faucet while brushing our teeth, every little bit we do to save water helps Texas. As we head into the summer months and begin the lawn and garden season, conservation for water use will become something more mandated by local and state governments. As in years past, Abilene will most likely restrict water usage for lawn and garden to one or two days a week, depending on your address. These restrictions might also include watering during certain times of the day and only for specific periods of time. It’s important that we all abide by these restrictions to help protect the water we have from overuse and waste.


Living in the 21st century gives us access to technology that generations before only dreamed of or thought were science fiction (see iPhone). Our modern day appliances also fall into this category as they potentially can save more energy and water than appliances of old. Consider changing your toilet or dishwasher to a more water efficient model. The savings in water use benefits not only our local and state water levels, but also saves you money on utilities. We service a variety of appliances and would love to help you install a new appliance to better assist you in saving money and water. Midway has worked hard to assist people in water conservation. We can help you reduce your water usage, save money, and protect the water that we have. Let us know how we can help.

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