Causes of Clogged Bathroom Sink

One of the most common things a plumber is called to fix is a Clogged Bathroom Sink drain.

Aside from food in the kitchen drain line, what are some of the causes of clogs in the sink?

Clogged DrainClogs in the bathroom are usually caused from hair (in the sink, tub or shower). Usually contributing to the hair is residue that has built up over time. Combined with hair that falls down the drain, this residue can clog the sink and prevent water from washing down properly. Regardless of how much water (or Drano) you might try to pour down the sink to force it through, the residue/hair clog will only build unless you clean the drain line.

What is this bathroom drain residue? 

The buildup can be caused by many elements including shaving cream, toothpaste, soap, and even lotion. Any other grooming products that end up getting rinsed away can contribute to the residue buildup as well. When some of these products find their way into the sink and you try to wash it down, these products don’t wash out completely. They can even dry to the pipes. The more water that flows down the drain, the more these products contribute to the problem. Every time the tap is turned on, the debris increases and over time this causes a clog to form.

Since so much activity involved in grooming happens around the sink, how can you prevent unnecessary buildup and residue in your drains?

Bathroom SinkOne way is to brush hair from shaving or grooming into the trash can instead of washing it into the sink. You can also use mesh covers on your sink drain which prevent particles from getting into the line to keep them clean. Make sure you empty and clean these covers regularly, as they can slow the flow of water and at times let some products down the sink.

Sometimes your drain stopper can be set too low to allow proper water flow. This can disguise itself as a clogged line. Test to see if your drain stopper is too low by closing the stopper and filling the sink with water to the halfway point. Then push the stopper down and test how long the water takes to drain out completely. Remove the stopper altogether and repeat the process. You will know there is a clog if the water doesn’t drain out faster (two times faster with the stopper removed). If the water is draining faster, adjust the height of the stopper when you put it back in.

If you find your bathroom sink or shower/tub clogged or draining water slowly, give Midway Plumbing a call. We’ll not only unclog your drain lines, but also tell you what has caused the backup and how to prevent it in the future.

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