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Five Tips to Save Big on Your Next Water Bill

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time looking for ways to trim your household budget without missing out on the good parts of life. We have a great way to help you do just that: save water. Saving water helps you to save money and conserve a vital resource.

Best of all, saving water doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve put together five tips that can make a big impact on your water bills. Once you start following these tips, you might not even notice that you’re using less water from day to day. However, you’ll see the results on your water bill!

1. Upgrade your faucets with water-saving aerators.

Adding aerators to the faucets in your home can help you greatly reduce the water you use. Standard faucets release 2.2 gallons of water per minute, while aerators with a WaterSense label use only 1.5 gallons/minute. That’s a savings of 30% with no noticeable drop in performance.

2. Test your toilet for leaks annually.

Don’t let your money go down the drain! Once a year put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. Then, without flushing, wait 30 minutes to see if it seeps into the bowl. If it does, you have a leak and should call a plumber to fix it right away.

3. Let your grass grow long.

Cutting the grass too short can make the lawn dry out faster. Set your lawnmower to a height of 1.5 to 2 inches. This will allow the roots to be shaded so they can better retain moisture. Plus, for additional moisture retention (and water savings), leave grass clippings on the lawn. Doing less yard work and saving more water sounds like a win-win to us!

4. Wash dark clothes in cold water.

Dark colored clothes should not be washed in warm water unless necessary (for instance, if you need to get a stain out). Not only will using cold water help you save water and energy, but it’ll also keep your clothes from fading.

5. Install a dishwasher.

Washing dishes by hand takes a lot of time, but did you know that it also wastes water? Modern dishwashers, especially ones with an ENERGY STAR label, use less water to get your dishes clean and sparkling. Plus, with a dishwasher, you’ll have more time to spend on things you really enjoy!

As you can see from this list, finding creative ways to save water often doesn’t just save water – it can help you save time and energy, too! If you need any help implementing these tips in your home or if you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your water bills and want to find out what’s causing it, give us a call. Our team is here to help you use water effectively and conserve it as much as possible!

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