Effects of Water Treatment on Abilene Pipes

Abilene is not known for having the best tasting water. Our region as a whole has suffered tremendously from lack of water for over a decade. With low levels of water, our Abilene regional treatment plants have had to do more to treat the water from its sources (Lake Ft Phantom primarily) to reach your homes. Water treatment is something we all need, however there are both positive and negative effects of water treatment on Abilene pipes and plumbing.

Corrosion in plumbing pipes can have many causes. Often times the type of pipe has more to do with the amount and causes of corrosion than anything else. This is particularly true with copper pipes. Corrosion with copper pipes is very evident with a white or colored residue buildup. This corrosion can become harmful if not taken care of. For West Texas residents, how much of this corrosion is the result of extended treatments of chlorine (and other chemicals) to the water supply?

Drain line replacement in Brownwood, TXThe chemical characteristics of water flowing through the pipe determine the cause of corrosion. All water contains different levels of carbon dioxide, pH, alkalinity, and hardness. Abilene has hard water agents which are the results of calcium and magnesium carbonate content. Though the city performs periodic tests to ensure the health and safety of the water for individual drinking (and usage), plumbing pipes have very different experiences with the hardness of the water. Add to this, the effects of hard water in water heaters, which can also contribute to corrosion levels. Water heater corrosion often has to do with the size of the water heater compared to the usage of the household as well as potential deterioration of the dip tube (cold water inlet).

Copper and metal piping experience different levels of corrosion based on these elements and the varying degree of alkaline elements (minerals) and chemical agents. Whereas copper piping is the best plumbing solution for homes in some parts of the country (San Diego for instance), However, Abilene is not the best region for copper piping as corrosion and other contaminants can cause damage to the interior of the pipe. Metal pipes experience higher levels of corrosion due also to bacteria and electric currents that run in water. Add to that the other mentioned causes of corrosion and there are reasons to be cautious about having copper piping in your home.

Dirty Bathtub DrainIf you have copper piping (or other piping) and you’ve experienced various degrees of corrosion on your pipes, there are solutions for you including replacing your piping as well as adding water softeners. We can walk you through what bests works with your plumbing arrangement and budget. Just give us a call. (325) 698-4399!

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