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Plumbers in Abilene, TX – You may not even realize just how many habits you have that could be potentially wasting water in your home. The first step is identifying the issues at hand and once you have identified the problems, you can cut back on the water usage and implement water conservation methods to help trim down your summertime water bills. Wasted water spiraling down the drain is wasted money spiraling down the drain.   Even if it is only a few pennies going down the drain when you’ve got the faucet running; how many times per day is the faucet being used?  It can quickly add up.

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Below we will go over a few tips on how you can conserve water in your home. If you need assistance with your home’s plumbing and you need repairs, maintenance or even installation then give Midway Plumbing a call now and we will be more than happy to send out our experienced plumbers in Abilene, TX to assist you with your plumbing problems.

  • Letting your faucet run while your hand washing your dishes
  • Washing your vehicle at home with a regular garden hose
  • Taking a hot bath; then draining the tub to refill it with more hot water
  • Taking excessively long showers
  • Running a second rinse cycle in your washing machine when you don’t really need to
  • Overfilling your washing machine when you are washing your clothes

No matter what problem you may have with your plumbing at home, Midway Plumbing in Abilene, TX can identify and take care of the problem promptly and most importantly professionally. Our professionally trained and courteous plumbers can take care of all of your plumbing problems. When you hire Midway Plumbing for plumbing repairs, installation or even maintenance you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving top-notch quality service that is hard pressed to be beat in the Abilene metropolitan area.

Conservation Tips to save Water

Obviously there are many different things that could be wasting water and the above is just a few. If you are conscious of the issue then you will pick-up on other problems you may have been unconsciously doing.  Below is some tips on how you can conserve water:

  • Install WaterSense labeled toilets and shower heads
  • Install a rain sensor in your lawns irrigation system so it will not turn on when it is raining
  • Install an automatic cover or place a cover over your pool to keep it clean so it will not need to be drained and refilled
  • Sweep your driveway or use a leaf blower to clean it rather than a garden hose
  • Do not unnecessarily wash your clothes until your washing machine is full
  • Soak your pans and pots for a while before you clean them

Water Leaks in your Home

If you are already implementing water conservation methods at your Abilene home do not forget about the leaks as well.  A leaking faucet, toilets or shower heads should be fixed or replaced as well. If you know there is a leak somewhere in your home or outside of it that you cannot get too then contact Midway’s professional and courteous plumbers in Abilene, TX to come to your home and take care of it for you.   Midway Plumbing serves the Abilene and Abilene metro area.  We handle everything from a leaking faucet to water heater repair and installation.  If you have noticed an uptick in your water usage but are not sure where it is coming from then give Midway Plumbing a call and one of our professional plumbers in Abilene, TX will be more than happy to visit you and check it out for you.

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