Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Abilene, TX

Water heaters are located in your home in the most hidden places, which make them “out of sight out of mind” – until they quit working. We forget about the water heater and the work it does for our homes every day until there is an issue so severe it requires water heater repair or a total replacement.

But your water heater doesn’t just break down suddenly. It will show signs of needing repair that many homeowners are not aware of. Everyone expects to have those hot showers when they wake up. However, things don’t always go as planned when trouble appears with your water heater.

Signs That You Need Repair to Your Water Heater

Even with routine maintenance, water heaters are no exception to breaking down. Here are some signs to be aware of when your water heater needs repair here in the Big Country area:

No Hot Water

The most obvious sign that your water heater is malfunctioning is insufficient hot water that is being supplied throughout the home. One reason this happens is the heating element or thermostat not working correctly.

Another reason could be hard water issues. Our residents here in Abilene are supplied water that is rich in minerals which hardens the water that flows through your home. These minerals deposit onto the heating element in the water heater which affects performance and its efficiency.

Don’t waste time, as soon as you see a decrease in your hot water, contact a technician who specializes in water heaters that can diagnose and repair the problem.

Fluctuating Water Temperature

Another sign your water heater is breaking down is fluctuation in the water temperature. If you notice a sudden lack of hot water from your shower, it might be an indication that you need to have your water heater checked and repaired. For specific identification and solution to your water heater issues, contact a professional technician.

Low Pressure of Hot Water

Mineral content not only affects the performance of your water heater, but can also reduce the water pressure coming from the water heater to your fixtures and faucets. This is another indication that you need plumbing services. A local trained plumber can unclog your pipes and also improve water pressure and increase the efficiency of your water heater.


A small issue can turn into a big problem quickly, so it’s best to get them resolved when you first notice something unusual. For example, water puddling around your water heater. This can be a sign of a leak which creates a mold growing environment and can damage your property. It’s best to call someone when you see something small before it has the chance to become a larger issue.  A water heater leak can also be an indication of condensation forming inside the water heater and pooling.

For the average homeowner, it would be challenging to identify the cause of any kind of leak. It’s better to call your local professional plumber in Abilene to assess the problem.

Unusual Sounds

When it comes to hearing strange noises from your water heater, an issue you may face would be mineral deposits forming residue in your water heater. After time and the high temperature inside, your water will start hardening and create these deposits which cause issues. Make sure you keep routine maintenance for your water heater with a local plumber, to keep it running efficiently.

As soon as you notice any strange sounds coming from your water heater, immediately contact a professional in Abilene, TX that specializes in repairing water heaters. Otherwise, mineral deposits can affect the functioning of your water heater.

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