6 Signs You Need Water Line Repair

6 Signs You Need Water Line Repair in Abilene, TX

Homes in Abilene that have plumbing and water systems that are decades older than the homes themselves may soon experience massive water line failure. If you have a plumbing system that is two decades old, be cautious as it could fail you at any time. Make sure you keep a well-known professional plumber or plumbing company contact info reachable in case you need plumbing and water line repair.

It’s important for our customers to know the signs that indicate they already have a leak and need water line repair. We say this because some customers never know that their pipes may have already been damaged by leaks, cracks, penetrating tree roots or faulty connections.

When it comes to cost, it would be cheaper for your pockets to have routine maintenance and repairs than to replace your water line that completely malfunctioned. We have outlined some specific things that could be the cause of the failure in your water system in your home.

1. Your Water Main Lets You Know

The meter on your main water line that flows to your home is an intelligent device that can tell you whether you have a leak. This device is usually located in your front yard in a valve box with a cast iron or plastic cover. If you turn off your main water source and your meter is still showing water being used, then you might have a leak and would need an Abilene plumber to check your home.

This method for checking leaks does not always work for small leaks because it cannot detect the tiny fluctuations in water pressure.

2. Main Water Supply Leaking

The main water line that supplies water to your home may also be leaking as well. When it comes to severe water main leaks, water will come out on the top surface of the ground right above the leak on the main supply line. You’ll see this water after it has seeped into the ground and caused an enormous amount of water loss.

The main water line is buried deep underground, so it can only be worked on by a licensed professional. In this case, you would not be unable to use the water meter to detect a leak and would need to seek repair from a reputable company here in Abilene.

3. You Sink Might Be Causing the Problem

The faucets and plumbing fixtures in your home are also a major cause of leaks. If you don’t have routine checkups on your faucets and fixtures when you suspect an issue, these leaks can waste massive amounts of water every year.

Faucets leaks are the most common issue with homeowners. If you’re someone who is handy in making minor repairs, a faucet leak can be a simple fix. But the majority of our customers have different types of faucets that require various ways to fix and would need a licensed plumber here in Abilene.

4. Toilet Leaking

Another common instance of a leak in your home is a toilet leak. These can be some of the most dangerous since they don’t make noise and can continually waste water until it progresses enough to collect around the base.

Some research has shown that as much as 30% of residential toilets are susceptible to leaks and have problems. Call a local plumber that specializes in water leaks as soon as your toilet show an indication of one from faulty parts inside the toilet.

5. A Pervading Rodent Problem

A rodent problem is usually hard to believe as a sign of needing your lines repaired. Rats that live in sewers can squeeze their way into small cracks and travel all the way up the supply line in your home until they reach your walls. These rodents can be in your home due to faulty broken water lines. Contact Midway Plumbing here in Abilene as soon as you spot signs of rats in your home. They carry infectious diseases that can be harmful to you and your family’s health.

6. An Insect Infestation That Never Seems to End

Along with rats, the most unwelcome guests in your home are insects. These water-borne insects and parasites can be hazardous for your health as they too can squeeze into the smallest cracks in your pipes.

To make sure these pests never come again, call an Abilene plumbing technician to repair your lines and a pest control company to rid the infestation.

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