Top Signs That You Need Water Line Repair Service in Abilene, TX

Having trouble with your water lines and need them repaired? You’re not alone- many homeowners here in Abilene have also gone through this problem. However, these repairs can be extremely costly to a homeowner. Before doing any repairs, the plumber and homeowner need to take extreme care to follow crucial steps when repairing a water line. From finding the specific location of the leak to getting permits, those are just some of the steps that need to be performed before a water line repair service in Abilene can be completed.

Abilene homeowners will find that having a leaky water line can cause major issues if it happens inside the home. Damages to hardwood floors, walls, and home furnishings are just a few issues that can arise. Having leaks outside the home can cause sinkholes in the yard from the dirt being washed out. And, if the pressure is high enough in the pipelines, underground erosion can cause permanent damages. A certified plumbing company that services the Abilene area can help you identify impending problems in your system which can save you a lot of trouble before a severe water line break. Routine maintenance and services from a professional company can help you reduce the chances of an emergency situation that could arise without warning. Call an Abilene company that specializes in repairing water lines as soon as you notice any signs in your home.


If you notice at times discoloration of your water or reddish-brown shade, this is one of the earliest signs that you could be experiencing a water leak, or your water line has internal rusting. Pipes made from metals such as copper are susceptible to oxidation, rust, and corrosion, unlike nonmetal pipes. Ask an Abilene water service repair company to inspect your water lines on a regular basis to detect these signs. Also be on the lookout for white chalky deposits, rust, or green color on your lines, even if your water doesn’t change color. A professional plumber can search and identify these leaks and replace your pipe before it burst. However, discoloration at times can be due to fractures in the piping that allows dust and debris to seep through. Whatever the reason causing the discoloration in your water, it is time to replace the water lines in your home.

Low Water Pressure

If your faucets are not working efficiently and have low pressure, often indicates there may be a leak in your plumbing system. These leaks not only reduce the water pressure, but it also can damage your property in the process. In the case of not receiving water at all, a pipe might have severally ruptured somewhere. If you have your water turned on to your main supply line, that leak will keep wasting water. Putting off the repair to your water line will raise your water bill tremendously. Call a reliable Abilene company that service water line repair as soon as you spot low water pressure or no pressure at all.

Water Damage

Homeowners are sometimes unaware of the damages that leaks can cause to their homes. Wet spots around toilets, sinks, showers, and floors are indications of a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Water damage from these leaks can weaken wooden furniture and can ruin furnishings and interior design elements in your home. Even more, leaks happening near an electrical circuit can become a safety hazard to you and your family. Call a professional technician that specializes in repairing water lines here in Abilene and save your home from further damage.

Dampness In Your Yard

Damp and soggy spots in the middle of the yard, or water puddles outside when it hasn’t rained are signs there is a leak outside the premises of your home. Cracks form in your water pipes from deterioration after excessive wear and tear allowing water to leak outside and collect on your lawn. If there’s enough damage under the ground, there can even be small sinking areas as well. Call a trusted plumber to inspect your water lines if you notice this problem.

Increase in Water Bill

Homeowners may be unaware of minuscule water leaks for a long period of time until they waste more water than normal and utility bill starts increasing significantly. We advise homeowners in Abilene to keep track of their water bills in order to notice leaks in their plumbing system. Leaks can grow over time and become too expensive to repair. Take care of these leaks immediately. Call a professional service company in Abilene when you notice a rise in your water bill.

Damaged water lines not only affect your water supply but are also capable of ruining your front yard by eroding the soil underneath. Midway Plumbing holds the tile for being The Best Water Line Repair Service in Abilene with decades of experience. If you need your water line repaired in the Big Country, contact Midway Plumbing at (325) 698-4399 or contact us online to know more about our extensive plumbing services.

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