All Water is NOT Created Equal

Water is all the same, right?

It’s clear, has no taste, and makes the world work better, regardless of where it came from. Some people think this is true. However, if you have been lead to think that all water is created equal, you have been mistaken. Soft and hard water behave differently, and the difference can be harmful to your home and your body.

Maybe you have had damaged clothing from the laundry, excessive soap consumption, pipe scaling, faucet and fixture deterioration, skin problems, or undesirable tastes or odors from your water. If you have, then you have a water problem. Hard water isn’t better than soft in all situations, and soft water isn’t always preferable.

So, what’s the big deal? Problems occur when your water is either too hard or too soft.

In your home, excess hardness can cause scaling inside your pipes, water heaters, coffee makers and even industrial machinery. Eventually, your pipes can clog because the scaling restricts the flow through the pipes.

When the hardness of the water is too low (or your water is too soft), it can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, deteriorate metal equipment used in swimming pools, and contribute to the staining of concrete, vinyl and fiberglass materials.

What is the solution to the water problem? Midway Plumbing can solve your hard water worries with a variety of quality products for your home or office. If you are unsure if your water is safe, ask us to help you find out!

Midway Plumbing offers water testing! And if your water is unsafe, Midway Plumbing can install water filtration systems for you. Drinkability is #1, and Midway Plumbing believes water purification is essential to living a healthier life and is a great investment for your home, company, family and the environment.

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