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How Can A Faulty Gas Line Be Harmful? Why Gas Line Repair in Abilene, TX Is Essential

Understanding how gas lines work is important so you can determine when you need a gas line repair. Every kitchen with fixtures for heating and cooking, such as stoves or gas-powered heaters, will have connections to have gas supplied so that these appliances may function.

Natural gas is the most common type of gas used in Abilene residential areas for the purpose of cooking and heating. As a homeowner, it is important to have knowledge about gas lines and when you may need to repair them so that you know when to call a professional for assistance. We will discuss it in greater detail below, but leaking gas is toxic, explosive and outright dangerous.

Our technicians at Midway Plumbing are aware and trained on the dangers associated with installing underground gas pipelines. Contact our company for services if you have a stove or furnace that is not working as intended.


So, let’s kick off this post with the first question on the topic today: How do you indicate there is a gas leak in your home?

This rotten egg smell should be there the first thing you encounter when having a leak.

Natural gas, which is the most common gas used in homes, is actually an odorless gas. However, the smell of rotten eggs or one similar to sewage gives you an indication that natural gas is present. This is because gas companies add these odors to help warn people of a leak. If you smell something like rotten eggs, it’s a sign of a gas leak.

Your plants are unable to grow. 

Other than odors, plants in and around your home will start suffering if there is a leakage of gas anywhere. You will notice that when trying to plant a garden, it will struggle to live no matter what you do to nurture it.

The next question would be: How can a leaky gas line be harmful to you and your family?

A certain level of leaking natural gas can be toxic in your home and breathing in such dangerous levels can make you lightheaded, pass out, or it can be fatal. Your family should be evacuated from your home if there are signs of a natural gas leak. Then you should immediately call a professional technician to assess the problem and repair it, right here in the Big Country Area.

Natural gas is also highly flammable and is another reason a leak in the gas line is harmful. Fires could ignite quickly and put your family in a dangerous situation if you are not careful.


To avoid the disaster from a leak, turn off the supply of gas to your appliances to give the technician enough time to arrive, repair the line and for your family to be safe. Once the gas is off, you need to address the problem immediately. There is no time to turn your head and ignore it. Contacting trusted local plumbers will ensure your problem is handled professionally to avoid future leaks.


So, what could be the cause of a gas leak in the first place?

Wear and Tear of Appliances

The most common appliances which operate on the use of natural gas include kitchen stoves and heaters. As these fixtures get older and less reliable, the connections to the piping corrode and causes leaks. This would require getting your gas line repaired in the Abilene area.


Pipe Problems

The pipes that connect your individual appliances to the main supply line from your home are also susceptible to corrosion and make leaks even more deadly for homeowners. Larger leaks can not be serviced or repaired without a professional technician, whereas small pinched lines can be resolved by sticky duct tape. Call Midway Plumbing to have a highly trained technician ready to service your needs.


Aged Pipes

If your pipes are older than the foundation of your home, you may need to consider replacing or drastically repairing those pipes. Over time the creaks and groans from the rushing pressure cause rust and corrosion with the connections. This can evolve into leaks and should be repaired by a professional technician in the Abilene area.


Midway Plumbing is best equipped to handle all your plumbing, installation and repairing of gas lines in the Big Country Area. Ensure your family living is danger free and give us a call today.

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