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High Quality Plumbing Products

As part of our commitment to providing the finest plumbing services in the industry, Midway Plumbing relies on the best products we can find. Midway Plumbing offers only the finest products to our Central Texas customers. Subpar products can lead to expensive future repairs and lost business, as customers may lose faith in plumbers who can’t deliver for them. Fortunately, Midway Plumbing has the best plumbing fixtures and products around.

Check out our impressive selection of high-quality plumbing products.

Plumbing Products

Drain Lines

Midway Plumbing relies on trenchless drain lining for pipe replacement projects. This is an affordable alternative to traditional methods of pipe replacement underground. With no-dig sewer and trenchless drain products, we can replace your underground pipes without having to dig up concrete, pavement, floors, or existing utility lines.

Water Heaters

Midway Plumbing installs Bradford White water heaters backed by a free annual inspection and 10-year service warranty.

Faucets & Fixtures

We have a huge selection of faucets and fixtures for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere plumbing may be needed in your home or business. Warranties are available on all our faucets and fixtures. Check out our amazing selection of unique and effective faucets and fixtures.

Pure H2O Water Filtration

Midway Plumbing provides free water testing and expert installation of water filtration systems to ensure clean and drinkable water. We can test your water to make sure it’s safe. Water purification can lead to better health for our customers while increasing the value of their homes.

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