Summer Construction Plumbing Planning and Getting Ready

Where cold climates lead to increased work for plumbers in taking care of frozen pipes (and their effects), a different type of project occupies our summer schedule. New construction ramps up in the summer months for both residential and commercial projects opening up. If you are starting a new construction project, here are some plumbing tips to be aware of before, during and after your construction is complete. Summer Construction Plumbing… are you ready?

Both residential and commercial construction projects involve preparing for costs of taking on new codes, parts, labor and other factors before the the construction begins. Some of the main costs to new construction projects must factor in before starting to include everything from the main valve in, through the water heater, manifolds, all fixtures and setting them. Choosing the types of plumbing lines and fixtures also contribute to the initial costs. Depending on the scale of the project and everything involved (small to large scale projects), costs will vary. It’s best to factor in an additional percentage of the anticipated cost to handle any unforeseen issues. This is true for any construction project.

Once the construction is underway, we work hard to ensure that all aspects of the client’s desire is made to specification. We have the best plumbers in the region because excellence is our mission. The construction process involves accurate measurements, correct installation of all elements, and completion within a specified time period. It’s important for those wanting new construction with plumbing to also factor in the potential for extra time in each project. Nearly all construction and plumbing projects encounter unexpected circumstances that deviate from the original plan. We work diligently to ensure that these unforeseen issues do not cause problems, and we work very hard to keep anything unforeseen from stalling projects. However, they do happen from time to time, so don’t be surprised if your project faces something that wasn’t expected on the front end.

Expertise is a valuable contingent to factor in when deciding on new plumbing construction. As mentioned, expertise and experience resolve problems before they start and avoid costly problems with installation and finishing projects. Expertise also comes with a promise that any issues that could present themselves following installation will be taken care of without additional cost to you. We test and double-check out work to make sure that there are no problems or issues you will experience following installation and completed construction. No one wants to get into their new home or remodel and encounter issues with plumbing. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

As you plan and prepare for your new construction project, be it a new home, remodel, or commercial build, determine what quality of materials you want. Sometimes something top of the line has the highest price-tag but also the highest level of craftsmanship, protecting you from unwanted costs down the road. At the same time, a more cost-efficient part can serve you just as well, depending on the project itself. We’ll work with you to help make the best decision for your project and budget needs. Summer Construction Plumbing

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