Summer Plumbing Tips for Abilene Texas

Winter isn’t the only time of year when taking extra care of your plumbing, drain lines, and sewer systems is important. To help you make the transition from season to season, here are some great summer plumbing tips to help you save money and energy with your plumbing this summer. Aside from adjusting the temperature on your water heater in the summer, these tips can save you money while protecting your home from damage.

1. Kitchen Tips:

Summer time is ideal for dinner parties and cookouts. When people gather at your home for a cook out, more work is needed during the cleanup. This involves more use of your dishwasher, as well as an increase in use from your disposal. Save your dishwasher from using large quantities of water by cleaning the dishes with a gentle rinse before placing dishes in the wash. Also be careful what you put in the disposal. Not all food particles are appropriate for the disposal. You should NOT put in the disposal: includes stringy foods (like celery), banana peels, foods that contain oils, and anything involving potato mixes (or anything that uses water to expand when heated). These foods almost always cause clogs in the drain lines.

2. Duct, Duct, Loose (Ductwork tips):

Our bodies are not the only things that sweat when they get warm. Water lines and ducts do the same. Especially humid areas, duct systems can sweat and experience condensation of water. Leaks also cause condensation of water in areas of the house due to increased temperatures. If you notice water condensation in the attic, or there seems to be discoloration in areas of your ceiling, it could be an indication of a problem with ductwork. Let us know if you experience these symptoms as it can affect not just your plumbing, but possibly your ceiling as well.

3. Laundry Room Tips:

When the seasons change from cold to warm (and then to hot), we end up spending more and more time outdoors. From swimming, to camping, to recreational sports, and even family vacations, the amount of clothes that end up needing to be washed can increase dramatically in the summer months. With increased laundry, there are more opportunities for problems with your washing machine. Keep in mind to check pockets for lint, paper, and other items that could cause clogs in the lint tray before putting clothes into the machine. Regularly check the lint filter and keep it clean before drying clothes.

This is why it is very important to do a few things to ensure the lifespan of your washing machine (and dryer) including checking the water lines for damage. It’s suggested that hoses for washing machines be replaced every few years to ensure that no water loss or damage occurs from kinks or cracks in the lines that may have gone unnoticed. Make sure that your washing machine is at least four inches from the wall. This spacing allows for hoses and lines from the machine to the faucet and vent to not have bends or folds. Check the space between the wall and the washing unit. Check the hoses and lines for kinks, damage or cracks. If you find damage to any hose or water line to the unit, contact us immediately to fix it and save you water (and money from lost utilities).

These are just a few Summer Plumbing Tips. Check out our FAQ for more plumbing tips.

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