Texas Plumbing Service Season – Best Time To Service Your Plumbing

Plumber ThumbnailWinter is not the optimal time to have plumbing-related appliances serviced even though winter is a time of year when water heaters are taxed more than other seasons. Due to increased heat outside, the need for warm or hot showers decreases in the late spring and summer months, making it an optimal time to check on water heaters for potential service. A certified plumber can check all aspects of the operations of a water heater to ensure that it is operating at optimum capacity.

Texas Plumbing Service Season and what to Check.

Some of these aspects of operations include:

  • Draining/Flushing the water heater
  • Inspecting and/or adding insulation to the water heater
  • Inspect the tank for cracks or signs of leaking
  • Check the anode rod
  • Check and clean the heater vent
  • Inspect Pilot Components

25 Percent Off Water Heater RepairDid you know that up to 25% of energy use in your home comes from heating water? This is especially true in colder months, making the warmer times of year the most optimal for doing maintenance on the appliances that heat water to keep your home more energy efficient. Though some aspects of water heater maintenance can take time, ensuring that seasonal needs can be met is of great importance in non-peak months.

Frozen pipes are also a great concern in winter months when outdoor temperatures can drop well below freezing, even in West Texas. When pipes freeze, the likelihood of cracks and damages to the plumbing lines drastically increase. Even if you haven’t detected a crack or leak in a pipe after frozen temperatures, it is important to have your pipes inspected for potential damage or leak. This is especially true if you had frozen pipes during a hard freeze (frozen outdoor temperatures lasting more than one day).

Broken PipeA cracked or damaged pipe can cause a slow leak that not only impacts (and increases) your utility costs, but can cause water damage to your interior walls and other parts of your home. If you see slight colorations in your ceiling, floors or walls (especially where you know plumbing lines are), you could have indications of a slow leak. Repairing or replacing pipelines that are cracked and/or damaged requires the experience of a certified plumber to ensure that further damage to the water line and home is not made, among other possible problems. A certified plumber can also diagnose other issues with your pipes including pipe type and fittings.

Clogged DrainClogs are one other common plumbing issue that can be addressed during the servicing season. If you have a slow draining sink or drain line that could have a slight clog, having your plumbing lines inspected and cleaned will solve this issue and allow for more efficient flow in your drains. People trying to flush blockage down will use excess water, which is wasted. This use of water is not only wasteful, but it typically makes the problem worse instead of better. Have one of our plumbers assist you this summer by inspecting your pipes, appliances, and even toilets to ensure that your utility usage is the most efficient it can be, and best prepare for the colder months later in the year when these aspects of your home will be most utilized.

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