What Are The Common Plumbing Myths?

We all have that uncle or neighbor who just loves telling us how much they know about plumbing. While they do have the basic skills to get some of the things done, they lack certain knowledge and professional wisdom needed for the bigger picture.

This is the reason why a dozen myths about house plumbing crop up ever so often. There are countless times where some of these myths are the exact reason why some people incur large repair bills.

So let us take a look at some of these popular home plumbing repair myths and the truth behind them:

Myth 1: A plunger solves your blockage problem

A plunger is one of those things that you grab immediately whenever the dreaded blockage of your drain occurs. It is like the first aid kit for when the toilet goes on another fritz.

The truth is, sometimes a plunger can even push that item or debris that is causing the blockage to go even further down the drain. This could lead to you calling the professionals when in fact you could have hooked the debris using just your hand in the first place.

Myth 2: Wet wipes are safe to flush down

A seasoned plumber knows that one of the main reasons for toilets getting blocked is because of the dreaded wet wipes. Most people assume that since wet wipes get easily flushed then it must be safe to just throw them in the bowl.

This thinking is just false and can lead to a massive build up of wet wipes which can cause a headache of a blockage for you.

Myth 3. The drain is working like clockwork, there is no need for maintenance

This is just wrong and one of the reasons why some people are suddenly surprised that they just wake up one day to a drain that is blocked out. The truth is most debris that causes blockage take some time to build up but can give out no sign that it is about to cause your sink to get blocked.

Make it a habit of doing some maintenance by using pipe chemicals for blockage on your drains as a regular habit.

There you have it, some myths that we have debunked in order for you to have a healthy plumbing around your home.

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