When Plumbing Drips Become Plumbing Problems

We know how to solve plumbing drips and plumbing problems. Do you?

Faucet Leaking MoneyThe basic components of plumbing faucets (kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor) consist of similar elements. All of these need to be in working order to stay clear of plumbing problems.
It is often that a faucet with a plumbing drink only needs a new washer because the old one has worn down its connection and ability to hold water out. This is a simple solution and fix that can be done you at little cost. It is important to know what kind of faucet you have before you start trying to pry off pieces to get to the washers.
Determine if you have a compression, cartridge, ceramic disk or ball type faucet. Each faucet operates slightly different with its internal components. If you are unsure what type of faucet you have, call us to help you find the best solution and prevent unnecessary damage to the faucet.
Have you ever been awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of a dripping faucet?


Bathroom SinkIt can leave you wondering whether you have a simple problem with the faucet or something worse. After replacing washers or O-rings, what do Abilene homeowners do when drips become something more?
You have turned the water line to the faucet off, carefully removed the cap and stem, replaced the washer and/or O-rings and seals. You put the faucet back together and turned the water back on. At first it seems like all is fixed.
Then as you walk away you hear that all-too familiar dripping sound. Here is when drips become something more.
Some Abilene residents have made the mistake of ignoring a leaky or dripping faucet because either the faucet is old or because the initial fix didn’t solve the problem. Often, people dismiss what seems like an insignificant amount of water dripping out.

The constant drip can result in an increase in utility bills

As we’ve illustrated in past blog articles (and from simply living in West Texas), water is a precious resource to be conserved Woman Cleaning Up A Leak In Her Houseand not wasted.
Ignoring a small leak before or after attempting to repair the problem can turn a small problem into a large one. By small, we mean a $120 bill for fixing a leak can turn into a $2000 bill due to more than the faucet needing repair.
This doesn’t take into account the amount of water that has been lost, nor the increase in water utility cost.
A little leak is something Abilene residents can lose sleep over for several reasons, the auditory qualities not included. It’s in your best interests to contact us at the first sign (or sounds) of an unusual drip to diagnose the problem from the beginning, before the small leak turns into something more.

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