Accessing Clean Abilene Water

When you travel out of town, you’ll notice something different about drinking water in other towns and Abilene water. At some point your mailbox has probably given you a letter from your local water department, telling you that the water has been tested and proven safe for you to drink. This is something all water departments in communities have to do. There is also a lot of jargon and explanations of the types of testing and where their treatment plants met or exceeded those regulations. There is also places where their treatment might have done poorly. In Abilene, we have run into the water not being as clean as other communities. Aside from buying a 5-gallon (or larger) water cooler for clean drinking water, what options do you have?

Sometimes we think that is just because the water is clear and doesn’t have a yellow or brownish tone (like some water in El Paso and other locations) then it’s safe. And if the water doesn’t have a discernible smell then it must be safe and clean. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You can test the cleanliness of your water to see what additional chemicals have been added to your water, and what those additives could mean to your health. Midway Plumbing offers water testing for free to measure additives in your water. Drink-ability and your health are top priority for us. We believe that water purification is essential living a healthy lifestyle. It is also a great investment for your home, company, family and environment.

Water filtration systems can insure that regardless of your water source, or the condition of your drinking water, it is safe for your family to consume. Choosing the right water filtration system for you is easy. Water filtration systems range from reverse osmosis, under the sink filters, counter-top water filters and more. Installation is taken care of by our trained professionals as well.

Other options for clean drinking water include the infamous water cooler. But since you have to replace the 5-gallon containers (and/or buy new ones when empty), this option can be expensive and inefficient.

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