How to Unclog a Sink in 5 Easy Steps

Sometimes sinks clog. It happens. Maybe the garbage disposal backs up. Or maybe some cooking grease has hardened in the pipes beneath the sink. Happens to the best of us. What separates the plumbing rookies from the pros is being able to deal with some of the more simple back ups. Most simple clogs are manageable by the average homeowner; professionals aren’t 100% necessary unless a problem goes unnoticed and unaddressed. Serious clogs will always require professional touch, but simple, run of the mill clogs can be fixed with some really simple and easy fixes. Here’s what you can do to unclog a sink. 

  • Plunge the Sink

Most of the time when you think of plungers, you aren’t thinking about sinks. But just like how a plunger can fix a backed up toilet, they can also fix a sink mishap. In fact, plunging is probably the easiest fix on this list, and should be the first thing you try; preferably with a newly bought plunger you haven’t used in the toilet.

  • Boiling Water

A lot of the time, sink clogs are the result of food waste that goes down the sink. This is especially true in sinks that lack a garbage disposal system and food accumulates over time. In these instances, an easy fix is dissipating the clog with boiling water. Simply bring water to a boil (about half a gallon, for good measure) and pour it down the sink. This method is not advisable in any system that uses PVC pipes, as the hot water can damage the plastic. 

  • Inspect the Garbage Disposal Unit 

If your sink has a garbage disposal, a malfunction could be the cause of the backup. If the disposal unit is the cause of the issue, running the system may break up the clog then and there. Failing that, power down the disposal and reset it. Should this not fix any issue with your garbage disposal, consider calling your trusted service provider for a repair. 

  • Baking Soda Mixture 

Remember making baking soda volcanoes in science class? Turns out you may actually be able to use that in a real world situation. Baking soda and vinegar solutions do wonders for low-level clogs. Simply pour some baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup or so of vinegar. Quickly place a stopper on the drain and wait about 15 minutes. The “volcano” reaction should run its course and result in a cleared drain. 

  • Call in the Pros

When you’ve exhausted all the easy fixes and nothing sticks, it may be time to call in the cavalry. The team at Midway Plumbing can handle it all because we’ve seen it all. Everyone loves the DIY spirit, but some problems are only solved in the hands of the professionals. When you need to unclog a sink and exhaust traditional easy fixes, Midway is here to help!

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